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The intent of this online tool is to create a Laboratory Casework Specification document with the main focus on wood, steel or plastic laminate casework and laboratory fume hoods. Specification documents for flexible or adjustable casework systems such as Enterprise, Alpha and Evolution and Bio Safety cabinets can be created as well. If a flexible casework system is desired, the standard Enterprise flexible casework specification can be easily added to the wood or steel casework specification by selecting it during the option selection process. Any project specific requirements to the flexible casework systems need to be manually added in the specification document or shown on the architectural detail drawings.

After choosing the product line of interest and selecting the various options the “update image” button can be clicked on at any given time and an image of the product with its chosen options will be displayed. The image can be rotated for a 360° view.

When finished selecting the options, a specification document can be downloaded onto your computer or emailed to any given email address. The requested document is a pdf file and if desired can be easily converted to a word document by following these steps: Save the document to your computer and then open it in your Adobe Acrobat program. Click on “File” and chose “export”. Select word document and save.

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